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Internal Recessing Unit: Efficient Machining of Internal Grooves 

Tools for the machining of grooves inside of a part are needed for various projects throughout a spectrum of industries. The ideal application for the internal recessing unit (IRU) is the machining of internal grooves with long reach to diameter ratios, common to the hydraulics and fluid power industry. In order to produce these difficult parts, Monaghan Tooling Group has teamed with Elliott Tool Technologies to manufacture an IRU with repeatability and accuracy for diameter and axial position of grooves and lands to +/- 0.002". 

The IRU is designed with optimal stability in mind. The carbide cutter is supported throughout its entire length, providing zero deflection and chatter. It also pilots within the bore, providing enhanced concentricity. 

Although this is a specially designed tool and not a stock item, components that make up the internal recessing unit are very easy to maintain and are able to be replaced if needed. The carbide cutters have a typical lifetime of 125 cutting minutes and can be re-sharpened between three to five times, depending on the condition. If the unit is in need of a more thorough evaluation, it can be sent back to the manufacturing facility to assess and repair as necessary.

The IRU is capable of machining a diameter range from 3/8" (9.525 mm) to 1.75" (44.45 mm) bore diameter and cut many different material types. Larger diameters are also possible and vary by application. 

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