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Adapters Provide Workholding Flexibility

Hardinge now offers its flexible quick-change collet system with new 5C FlexC 65 adapters, extending the range and functionality of the FlexC 65 mm chucks. The simple front-mounted adapters allow users to easily change from quick-change collets, 5C collets, I.D. expanding and step chucks in seconds.

"The ability to use all of these collet systems in a single set-up increases the flexibility of machining operations," said a company spokesperson. "This added functionality makes it easier for operators to produce parts without time-consuming changeovers. Standard 5C tooling can now be used on a FlexC 65 chuck, extended nose collets, step chucks and 5C I.D. expanding arbors, for example. Small hole machining can be done at a minimum size of .008 inch, increasing the capability of the current quick-change systems. When using a step chuck for parts up to 6 inches in diameter, it can now be handled without removing the quick-change collet chuck as well. Couple all of these advantages with changing from FlexC to 5C, along with the ability to use the Sure-Grip Expanding Collet System on a FlexC 65 Pullback Chuck, to achieve ultimate flexibility."

An adapter for either the 5C arbor or the FlexC mount Expanding Collet System will provide the option of performing I.D. gripping, thus freeing operators to maximize their machining options. It still allows the quick-change conversion between sizes and provides the maximum gripping range possible.

"We were looking to increase our flexibility with the FlexC65 chucks; customers wanted more options for tooling so they could produce smaller parts, parts with I.D. gripping and often even larger parts. This adapter will give our customers a wide range of options, which makes the chuck system that much more versatile," said Matt Roberts, Senior Design Engineer.

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