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Fastening Tools for Assembly Applications

Ingersoll Rand has introduced a line of simple, cost-effective fastening tools for assemblers and manufacturers. "The Ingersoll Rand QXN line provides programmable torque control, traceability and gang count capabilities that ordinary clutch tools can not," said a company spokesperson.

Ingersoll Rand assembly power tools are designed to help manufacturers in light assembly, heavy equipment, aerospace, defense and vehicle assembly fulfill diverse tooling needs that achieve quality objectives and budget requirements. The QXN tools store data, identify errors, validate production and support troubleshooting. The line includes pistols and angle wrenches.

"Precision, quality control and flexibility are essential for today's assembly operations and manufacturing lines," said Tom Hutchens, Strategic Business Director for precision fastening for Ingersoll Rand Power Tools. "The Ingersoll Rand QXN line provides versatility for a number of applications, from simple to complex, while maintaining comfort, accuracy and reliability, cycle after cycle."

QXN tools can be programmed to achieve specific torque, angle, gang counts and degree of rotation right down to detecting cross-threads and stripped fasteners. They employ closed-loop transducers to provide high levels of traceability and ensure that the tool is delivering the specific torque required. Instead of having to make repeated mechanical adjustments, the QXN tools can be programmed to achieve the desired measurement with just a few quick programming steps in the Insight Control System (ICS) computer software. With just one configuration available, there is no risk of using the wrong settings.

The tools can store records for up to 1,200 fastenings, which can be downloaded to a computer via a USB cable. Reliable data is then available for review, analysis and record keeping. Each tool provides visual feedback via red, yellow and green lights, signaling whether the bolt has exceeded, or not met, the torque limit or angle, or if the proper gang count was reached.

Ingersoll Rand cordless assembly tools are compact and allow operators to move freely without the inconvenience of bulky air and hydraulic hoses or power packs. The 360° adjustable handle provides the operator with a comfortable grip and provisions for a tethering point. These features allow maximum flexibility when working on multiple joints and accessing odd angles.

"The QXN tools are part of the Ingersoll Rand QX platform built on innovative technology that supports a new class of advanced, cordless fastening tools that deliver closed-loop, multi-configuration control and precision," said the spokesperson. "The patented, closed-loop transducer control delivers precise torque with accurate, traceable results."

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