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Arc Welding Robots

KUKA welding robots are designed to provide enhanced productivity and welding quality. They can accurately produce a large number of weld seams in a short time. Precise path control is engineered to provide consistent high quality, even on long welds.

Designed for arc welding, the Hollow Wrist (HW) robots feature a payload capacity of up to 16 kg and a reach of up to 2,016 mm, allowing access to hard-to-reach weld seams.

Reduced disruptive contours and a large distance between axis 5 and the robot flange allow welding deep within a workpiece, enlarging of the workspace and better reachability, even in the case of large workpieces.

A robust arm design with double-sided robot wrist mounting means reduced vibrations during welding and is resilient in the case of minor collisions.

The 6th axis is designed for infinite rotation (dependent on the torch manufacturer). This eliminates the need for time-intensive rotation back to the start position, thereby shortening the processing time.

KUKA robots are compatible with all common welding devices as well as water and gas-cooled torches.

"Their very low weight enables high dynamic performance, simple installation and easy mounting on the ceiling. The stable KUKA manipulator provides high repeatability and masters even applications with critical cycle times," said a company spokesperson.

High Accuracy models (HA) from KUKA are designed to meet the highest requirements in precision with their high path accuracy. The absolutely calibrated robots allow optimized offline programming.

KUKA offers a broad portfolio of robot models to allow the ideal interaction between the welding robot and the handling robot. KUKA also offers a wide range of function packages for all welding applications.

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