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Machining Rods and Pipes

The SCHUNK ROTA TB2 pneumatic self-contained power chuck, designed for the oil, mining and construction sectors, offers features to utilize the productivity potentials of modern machining centers.

Despite the compact outer dimensions, the ROTA TB2 has a through-hole of up to 560 mm. With an air pressure of 6 bar it is possible to achieve clamping forces of up to 280 kN. The base jaw guidance is equipped with a special seal to prevent penetration of contamination, which helps reduce maintenance costs. The design of the base jaws has been optimized for minimal loss of centrifugal force even at high rotational speeds. An advanced lubrication system ensures constant clamping forces and an optional integrated pressure sensor provides for maximum process reliability.

To increase the cycle rate in the machining of pipes and rods, the ROTA TB2 features a double acting check valve with extra large channel bores, which speeds up the clamping process. After completion of machining, the quick action ventilation system releases the clamping set-up.

The TB2 is available in sizes from 470 mm to 1,000 mm with bore diameters from 185 mm to 560 mm.

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