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SprintMVP for High Quality Dimensional Measurement

RAM Optical Instrumentation (RAM), a division of Quality Vision International (QVI), offers its SprintMVP family of measurement systems to the quality assurance marketplace.

"SprintMVP systems set a high standard for 3-axis dimensional measurement capability," said a company spokesperson. "With strong granite construction, precision ballscrew motorized stages and versatile optics, SprintMVP can handle a wide range of measurement challenges." These benchtop machines are available in three sizes, with joystick-controlled stages providing XYZ measurement volumes ranging from 200 x 150 x 150 mm to 300 x 300 x 150 mm.

Motorized zoom optics provide a wide range of available magnifications to image and measure large or small parts. A digital megapixel metrology camera couples with the enhanced optics to produce clear and crisp images. Vector lighting provides illumination from various oblique angles to help highlight part surface features and details, making it easier to image and measure them. Optional laser and touch probe sensors can be added to make SprintMVP a true high-performance multisensor metrology system. Additionally, SprintMVP can be configured with optional rotary indexers, adding the capability to rotate parts to measure features on multiple part surfaces. All SprintMVP systems are equipped with QVI Measure-X metrology software.

SprintMVP offers enhanced Z-axis travel. As an option, SprintMVP may be equipped with the QVI universal Z-slide, yielding an additional 100 mm of Z-axis travel. This additional travel translates into a sizeable 66% increase in measurement volume. "With the robust, precision ballscrew design, 100 mm extended travel universal Z slide, SprintMVP brings high quality dimensional measurement to one of the most cost-effective vision measurement systems in the industry," said the spokesperson.

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