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Lighter Fume Gun

RoboVent has released a new fume gun, RoboVent Extractor, which captures 90-95% of weld fumes at the source, in a package just slightly larger than a standard weld gun.

The Extractor integrates a high-performance welding gun with a powerful source extraction system, so fumes are captured as soon as they are generated. It features a lightweight, maneuverable handle and a streamlined nozzle designed for maximum visibility and control. The fume gun is paired with a dust collector, such as RoboVent's family of hi-vac filtration systems, to collect and filter toxic fumes generated by manual welding. The Extractor is intended for use in MIG and GMAW welding processes that employ shielding gases.

For welders working on or inside large equipment (such as tanks, ships or large infrastructure components), fume gun extraction may be the best way to keep weld fumes out of the breathing zone. "We wanted to provide a better solution for welders working in environments where fume arms or backdraft tables are not practical or feasible," said RoboVent Managing Director Jim Reid. "Older fume guns tended to be heavy, bulky and reduce visibility of the weld seam, which meant many welders preferred not to use them. The Extractor is a balance of power, ergonomics and flexibility."

The Extractor and RoboVent FlexPro Hi-Vac system feature:

  • Excellent ergonomics: The welding gun has a conical suction head, welding tip and gas outlet for the shielding gas in order to promote good visibility and reachability of the object. A ball-and-socket joint between the torch and hoses improves maneuverability.
  • High capture efficiency: The suction module is located at the end of the welding gun, close to the source of fumes, to maximize capture of fumes as they are generated. When combined with the Flex-Pro Hi-Vac system, the Extractor captures 90-95% of weld fumes and does not remove shielding gas.
  • Flexibility: The Extractor can be paired with RoboVent's family of hi-vac filtration units to create a flexible air quality system that is easily installed and moved and takes up minimum floor space.

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