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Non-Contact 3-D Scan Model

KEYENCE Corporation has released a new model of its VR-3000 Series. "This new model allows an instant, non-contact 3-D scan of a wide area, which has been difficult to achieve with conventional methods," said a company spokesperson. The new model can measure rough surfaces, flatness, warpness and planarity. It can be measured instantly and accurately; just place the sample on the stage and click a button.

New functions include:

  • Measure and compare multiple samples: The VR-3000 Series can perform batch analyses between multiple samples simultaneously under the same condition.
  • Compare with CAD data and quantify surface shape differences: The VR-3000 Series can compare measurement results directly to CAD data. One can compare visual and numerical differences between design data and an actual sample, then export the scan back into CAD data.
  • Pass/Fail inspection: The VR-3000 Series can automatically determine if a part is good or bad based on user-defined tolerances.

For more information contact:

KEYENCE Corporation of America

500 Park Boulevard, Suite 200

Itasca, IL 60143

888-KEYENCE (539-3623)

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