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Angle Magnets Hold Stock Using Inside and Outside Edges

Strong Hand Tools, manufacturer of Strong Hand Tools welding clamps, magnets, pliers and BuildPro welding tables, has introduced the Inside / Outside Angle Magnets.

For the optimal set-up of each unique substructure, the user can use either the inside or outside surfaces of the Inside / Outside Angle Magnets. They can hold stock from the outside, leaving clearance for inside welds or hold stock from the inside for outside welds. They are designed to hold and position sheet metal, round pipes, square angled or flat stock.

Two independent magnets inside along with double plates provide maximum pull force. The Inside / Outside Angle Magnets are fully enclosed for easier cleaning. The narrow profile makes them ideal for use in tight spots.

The Adjustable Inside / Outside Angle Magnets (MLA Series) can be adjusted from 30° - 270° using an Allen wrench to set and lock the angle. The mounting hole can be used to link two or more magnets together for use as fixturing elements. Inserting a wrench into the hex hole on the magnets provides a convenient breakaway force for easy removal from the finished workpiece.

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Strong Hand Tools

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