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Tool for Rough Turning Applications

ISCAR has introduced an innovative tool for rough turning applications, DoveIQTurn. Rough turning is characterized by larger depths of cuts and higher feedrates. "Usually these applications require single sided inserts in top clamp holders to withstand the interruptions and high machining loads," said a company spokesperson. However, using those single sided inserts in top clamp holders has many disadvantages. One such disadvantage is the lower number of cutting edges, which is not very economical. Also the top clamp obstructs coolant and chip flow in the cutting zone. In addition, many times inserts can still move in the pocket, even with a flat single sided insert."

The DoveIQTurn has a dovetail pocket similar to many industry standard milling cutters, and a lever lock device for more secure clamping. This eliminates the need for a top clamp, which interferes with the coolant and chip flow. Many times inserts that are put under heavy loads will begin to lift up at the backside of the pocket. Even this small amount of lifting and moving in the pocket can cause premature chipping, flank wear and even catastrophic failure. The DoveIQTurn clamping mechanism can firmly hold these double-sided inserts featuring double negative prism flanks. This dovetail pocket prevents the insert from being lifted due to the cutting forces. When the insert is held more securely in the pocket there are many advantages. Larger depths of cuts and higher feedrates can be achieved. Longer tool life is attainable because more wear resistant harder carbide grades can be used. And along with more available corners all of these benefits lead to a more economical solution for rough turning applications.

The DoveIQTurn inserts come in the COMG, WOMG and SOMG geometries. These inserts are available in the 5/8", 3/4" and even the 1" inscribed circle sizes. ISCAR offers various lead angle toolholders including the PWXOL 16-5-TF-IQ "FeedTurn" tool, which has an 18.5° lead angle. The slight lead angle thins out the chip, allowing for even higher feedrates exceeding .120" per revolution. This new tool carries a WOMG 554-T3P-IQ insert and will have a maximum cut depth of .110" in this "FeedTurn" application allowing for longer lengths of cut.

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