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Remote Module for Flextec Welders

Lincoln Electric's new CrossLinc Remote is designed to allow operators to adjust welding settings at the arc, including current for stick and TIG welding or voltage on select wire feeders. "The new remote streamlines welding operations set-up; delivers higher productivity; enhances job site safety by eliminating additional control cables; and saves time by reducing return trips back to the welding power source," said a company spokesperson. With local control at the arc, operators can dial in the exact settings required for each weld, enhancing weld quality and driving down weld defects.

The CrossLinc Remote is ideal for construction, shipyards and other industries. It is compatible with all CrossLinc equipped Flextec welders, allowing fleet owners and rental operators to take advantage of CrossLinc Technology when using stick, TIG and wire-fed welding processes.

The new CrossLinc Remote auto-detects the mode setting at the power source to allow for control CC or CV processes. It also displays actual voltage or current while welding.

When in SMAW mode and DC output, the remote uses polarity sensing to automatically optimize power source settings for scratch-start TIG operation. This permits fast process changes between stick and TIG welding. Operators can turn this feature on or off, depending on preference. Users also can choose to display current or voltage during welding, reset the machine to factory default settings and use an arc timer. A digital meter indicates polarity and an LED display indicates if the voltage or amperage display is preset or actual values. The remote also includes a memory function to recall where it was set in the event it is disconnected so the unit will power back up at the last-used settings.

The remote features CrossLinc-connection sensing and amp/volt indicator lights, as well as Tweco-style male/female pigtails and strain relief for the voltage sense wire. A steel case and rubber corners ensure durability. A foldable handle provides easy transport and a place to hang to the remote at the worksite.

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