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Bench-Top Wire Feeder for Dual Application Requirements

Using a single power source, the Warrior Feed Dual 304 increases productivity by eliminating wire spool change out for different wire types and diameters.

ESAB has introduced the Warrior Feed Dual 304, a heavy-duty bench-top wire feeder with dual wire feeder functionality for flexibility in environments requiring dual applications. Using a single power source, operators increase productivity by eliminating wire spool change out for different wire types, diameters and materials used in demanding applications.

"For example, operators require dedicated consumables when they are welding with stainless steel to prevent cross contamination," said Lars Campbell, Global Product Area Manager, ESAB. "The Warrior Feed Dual 304 makes working with stainless steel and another material much easier. All operators need to do is to pick up the torch and depress the gun trigger to activate the left or right drive."

The feeder is designed to feed .023" to 1/16" (0.9 - 1.6 mm) wire at speeds of 75 to 950 IPM (2.0 - 24 m/min) in applications such as mechanical contracting/pipe shops, high-volume fabrication, structural steel fabrication, heavy fabrication (transportation, off-highway, railcar), shipbuilding, automotive and others.

Full-Function Feeder

"The Warrior Feed Dual 304 has all the features that production shops require, including gas purge, wire inch, trigger lock (2T/4T control), burnback, slow run-in speed and the ability to preset wire feed speed and voltage. For easy operation and increased visibility, the Warrior Feed Dual 304 has separate digital displays for voltage, wire feed speed and amperage values (operators are used to setting wire feed speed, but QA/QC personnel like to see amperage)," said a company spokesperson. The feeder is delivered with Euro or Tweco style MIG gun connections.

The feeder also incorporates Short Circuit Termination (SCT) technology, which sharpens the end of the welding wire at the termination of a weld. By eliminating the ball that typically forms on the end of the wire, the feeder optimizes the wire condition to promote a positive arc start. SCT technology also eliminates the need for the operator to clip the wire. "In an operation with numerous weld stops and starts, the time savings will quickly add up," said the spokesperson.

Warrior System Solution

ESAB designed the Warrior Feed Dual 304 to be paired with the Warrior 500i CC/CV and Warrior 400i MV CC/CV multi-process welding machines. To lower total production costs, operators can pair the Warrior Feed Dual 304 with MIG welding guns from Tweco, an ESAB brand. "The Tweco Spray Master gun with Velocity consumables can extend contact tip life up to eight times or more in some applications. To fully optimize welding results, use ESAB filler metals, including OK AristoRod 12.50 ER70 S-6 solid wire, Coreweld metal cored wires and Dual Shield gas shielded flux cored wires," said the spokesperson.

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