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Accuracy and Convenience with vCAD Virtual Chart Gauge

Certified Comparator Products (CCP), a division of Quality Vision International (QVI), has introduced a way to eliminate traditional comparator overlay templates with its new vCAD virtual chart gauge software. When present on a CCP c-vision Digital Video Contour Projector, vCAD offers a method to digitally compare projected part images to an imported CAD file overlay of that part. Users can align edges, compare dimensions and see the projected part image matched with the virtual CAD overlay. "The simplicity, ease of use and screen resolution provided by vCAD on a digital comparator far exceeds that offered by traditional overlay templates used on an analog comparator," said a company spokesperson.

vCAD displays charts and grids for manual reference, along with color coordinated tolerance bands to help the user determine if a part is within tolerance. Changing magnification on the digital comparator automatically rescales the vCAD overlay to the selected magnification. Once the vCAD overlay and the part image are aligned, they can be coupled together - this locks the part image and the virtual overlay together, and they will maintain alignment with each other even if the stage is moved or the part is rotated. The stage can be moved manually, or a programmed location sequence can be created to automatically survey and measure the part. It is not necessary for an entire part to fit on the comparator screen, because the vCAD virtual chart will follow the part movement. This makes vCAD ideal for use with smaller screens or at higher magnifications.

vCAD tolerance bands can be defined for size, color and type, with global settings and editing capabilities. Tolerance bands may be as small as a few thousandths of an inch, and they exhibit no line widths to visually confuse users.

"vCAD virtual chart gauges eliminate the time and expense of maintaining up to date traditional overlay charts, as well as the physical storage space demanded by them," said the spokesperson. With vCAD, the most recent CAD files can be used, so the user always inspects and measures using the latest available engineering information.

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Timothy Fantauzzo

VP of Sales & Marketing

Certified Comparator Products

850 Hudson Avenue

Rochester, NY 14621


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