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Solid Carbide Cutting for Milling Aluminum

The Walter MC166 Advance solid carbide mill

Walter offers its MC166 Advance solid carbide milling cutter, which was developed for the aerospace industry and is suitable for all industrial sectors that machine aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and magnesium-based alloys (ISO N workpiece group).

The cutting tool was specifically designed for finishing and dynamic roughing of deep pockets and cavities. Dynamic milling involves machining at a low radial depth of cut (ae), a high axial depth of cut (ap) and with a large cutting-edge length (Lc), which is three times the cutting-edge diameter (Dc) for the MC166 Advance.

The MC166 Advance solid carbide milling cutter with increased core stability compared to a conventional tool core ensures a consistently reliable machining process even in unattended operations. A differential pitch provides optimum operational smoothness and extends tool life.

The special micro-geometry makes the cutter suited for finishing high wall part features. The tool provides a high level of productivity and reduces cycle times because of its ability to mill at an optimal metal removal rate. The tool also features a 35° helix and a DIN 6535 HA (round cylindrical) shank. The uncoated WJ30UU-grade cutter is available in diameters from 12 to 20 mm.

The Walter lineup of products consists of three categories of tools. Advance tools (such as the MC166) indicate products efficiently balanced between price and performance, Supreme tools indicate the highest level of technology and performance available and Perform tools are products that provide an economical solution with focused importance on price.

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