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Dynamic 9D LADAR on an AGV for Aerospace Manufacturing

Automated Precision Inc. (API) offers a transformative approach to aerospace manufacturing inspections with its Dynamic 9D LADAR mounted on an autonomous guided vehicle (AGV).

"The aerospace sector, known for its rigorous quality standards and precision manufacturing requirements, has long sought ways to automate its processes for faster, more accurate data collection," said a company spokesperson. "API's Dynamic 9D LADAR, representing the world's fastest and most precise noncontact measurement system, is the answer to this industry's call."

When integrated with an AGV, the 9D LADAR system offers flexibility and coverage across the manufacturing floor, navigating autonomously and adjusting its measurement height as needed. With a 25 m range and a scanning speed of 0.2 seconds/sq. cm, this noncontact system captures dimensional and surface geometry data with unmatched precision.

Joe Bioty, President of API, commented, "The integration of our 9D LADAR with AGVs represents a significant leap forward in aerospace manufacturing. This innovation not only ensures the highest levels of accuracy, but also streamlines operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency."

Key benefits of the 9D LADAR system for aerospace manufacturers:

  • With 3D accuracy of 25 µm + 6 µm/m (2 sigma), the system provides precision in every scan.
  • By eliminating manual inspections, the system reduces potential human errors and allows skilled workers to focus on more intricate tasks.
  • The system can be effortlessly integrated into existing manufacturing processes and is compatible with third-party metrology software.
  • Rapid, precise and automated inspections lead to increased measurement throughput, resulting in cost savings and enhanced performance.

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