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Abrasion-Resistant Submicron Grade for Cutting Tools and Wear Components

H.B. Carbide's HB-3 grade is suited for tools used in highly-abrasive machining and wear applications.

H.B. Carbide offers its HB-3 grade, a submicron carbide specially designed for use in cutting tools for highly abrasive machining applications and wear components.

With a 6% cobalt binder and 93 HRA hardness, grade HB-3 is well-suited for wear parts and cutting tools being used in nonferrous, machining applications. It offers a homogenous microstructure and uniform grain distribution that makes this grade suited for cutting tools used for machining in ISO K20 applications; specifically, aluminum alloys, graphite, fiber-reinforced materials and composites. It can be applied for use in drills and reamers, form tools, end mills and other solid carbide cutters.

The high hardness and high wear resistance of HB-3 can also provide enhanced performance in wear parts such as drawing tools and industrial-grade nozzles.

"Importantly, with a 6% cobalt content, HB-3 has proven to consistently offer superior coating adhesion," said a company spokesperson. "This makes it an excellent substrate for toolmakers who will be applying diamond coating to their tools, especially those used for composite routing and drilling."

Jon Wyniemko, Director of Global Sales at H.B. Carbide, said, "In addition to HB-3 carbide being an outstanding substrate selection across a variety of high-wear-resistant material applications, the consistency of the H.B. Carbide manufacturing process ensures reliable performance and prompt lead times across a variety of blank configurations."

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