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In-Sight Laser Profiler

(l-r) DS1000 series laser displacement sensor and In-Sight VC200 multi smart camera vision controller

The In-Sight laser profiler from Cognex is a measurement system used to verify dimensionality for gauging, inspection and ID applications. The In-Sight laser profiler is configured using the In-Sight EasyBuilder user interface. This intuitive software is designed to make it easy for manufacturing and quality engineers to develop, deploy and support accurate and reliable measurements on the factory floor.

The In-Sight laser profiler is set up and deployed in four steps:

  • Acquire profile-Accurate profiles are critical to the success of any application. With a click of a button, profile optimization technology renders the most accurate outline of a part.
  • Locate object-Positional uncertainty is a practical consideration in all production lines. Sophisticated object detection technology minimizes the need for costly fixturing and ensures measurements are performed in the correct location.
  • Measure-In-Sight EasyBuilder simplifies measurement configuration for factory engineers. The flexible In-Sight laser profiler toolset extracts features, constructs reference points, counts key features and verifies whether a product has been manufactured within tolerance.
  • Communicate results-Once results have been achieved, measurements are sent to a PLC or an overall pass/fail is sent directly as a discrete output. Profiles and measurements can be stored on the controller for downstream analysis or quality control logging.

The In-Sight laser profiler offers mobile platform-independent visualization for accessing human machine interfaces (HMIs) from anywhere on the network. An HTML-based user interface allows users to monitor production line activity from any laptop, tablet, smart phone or other mobile device.

The In-Sight laser profiler is powered by the industrial In-Sight VC200 vision controller, which stores and runs the measurement application.

The In-Sight laser profiler uses In-Sight VC Explorer with EasyBuilder to set up and monitor a variety of measurements. The intuitive interface guides operators through a step-by-step setup process allowing both novice and experienced users to configure measurement applications quickly.

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