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Flexible, Automated Inspection System for Small Parts

Marposs has introduced the OptoFlash XS30, the latest addition to 2D optical measuring solutions designed to meet the requirements of the precision mechanical devices industry as well as the medical implants industry, both molded plastic and machined metal. OptoFlash XS can measure small chamfers or grooves, even below 100 µm extension, or very small changes of diameter along the part axis, through hole diameters, run-out, perpendicularity, barrel shape, profiles and many more features. "Delivering performance in speed and measuring precision with the capability to switch from one part type to another with just one click (flexible gauge), the OptoFlash XS is a cost-effective solution for precision manufacturing," said a company spokesperson.

The speed and precision of the OptoFlash enables 100 static measurements within two seconds at U95 = 1 µm + D/200 (D in mm). The OptoFlash XS30 provides high-resolution measurements for ultra-small size parts up to 30 mm in part length and 20 mm in diameter.

Measuring at 610 mm x 545 mm x 400 mm (2' x 1.75' x 1.25'), the OptoFlash XS30 is a compact size solution designed to be integrated in the production environment as well as in the lab. It accommodates both manual and automatic loading by robot, as well as dynamic or static measurement.

All OptoFlash systems feature an intuitive interface that allows anyone to use and configure new measurements. All measurements are archived for retrieval by the smart search function, and the included monitor comes on a flexible arm that can be installed on either side of the system. An integrated USB hub with seven ports provides easy connection to printers, code readers or external memory. The Ethernet port allows users to connect the XS system with their network anytime.

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