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Workholding Systems for Quick Part Changeovers

Kitagawa NorthTech's Prismatic Workholding Group has introduced its custom engineered FLEX Trunnion Workholding Systems for vertical machining centers (VMCs). Offering "less than five minute" part changeovers, the FLEX is designed to serve a wide range of high mix, low-to-high volume parts machining applications, in both job shops as well as highly automated production facilities.

The FLEX Trunnion System is a turn-key customizable packaged workholding solution, which comes complete with an interchangeable fixture plate, automatic coolant and hydraulic connections, 7 MPa hydraulic system, Kitagawa NC 4th axis rotary table and tail spindle. The FLEX Trunnion is also available in multiple configurations and sizes and contains the following system components:

  • Kitagawa 4th axis rotary table
  • Kitagawa 4th axis tail spindle with brake
  • Choose one of the three FLEX Trunnion base units available: FMM, FMH or FZS
  • Zero-point interchangeable production plates (standard or customized zip plates available).

The new line of custom engineered, trunnion-style workholding solutions come in three different packaged solutions. All three packages are integrated with either a Kitagawa MK, CK or MR Series 4th axis rotary tables depending on application requirements.

The FLEX family includes the FMH, FMM and FZS of FLEX Trunnion Workholding versions:

  • FMM-The FMM Trunnion System is the simplest, most effective manual solution, according to the company. FMM features manual operating clamps to hold the fixture and manual locator. The system is geared toward smaller job shop applications focusing on high mix, low volume parts production. The FMM offers a less than five minute fixture changeover and provides repeatability to within 10 microns or less.
  • FMH-Similar to the FMM, the FMH system offers a manual locator, but with hydraulic clamping. Suitable for small job shop applications with high mix, low volume, the FMH is also designed for use in mid-range production shops with higher production volumes that would benefit from hydraulic clamping. The FMH delivers repeatability of 10 microns or less.
  • FZS-The "Flex Zero Point System" is a hydraulically actuated system that utilizes a different locator system from the FMM and FMH systems. The FZS allows high accuracy machining with repeatability within 5 microns. The FZS is suited for automation applications where robotics are used to change over fixtures in the operation.

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