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Improved Wind Turbine Machining with Opening Drill

Allied Machine & Engineering recently worked with a manufacturer producing turbine components from chromium-molybdenum alloy steel (or chromoly) for the renewable energy sector. Because of its tensile strength and heat resistance, this material is ideal for components-like wind turbines-that operate in environments with extreme pressure and high temperatures.

The manufacturer machined turbine components on a Super 8 VMC with water soluble coolant using a competitor boring bar. The process averaged three hours to enlarge 14 holes at $30.89 per hole. The customer sought support from Allied Machine's local field engineer to reduce cycle time as the parts' delivery date was looming. The field engineer recommended a free onsite demo of the Opening Drill, engineered to enlarge existing holes. In the end, by replacing the competitor boring bars with the Opening Drill, the customer reduced their cost per hole by 41% and cut cycle time in half. This enabled them to deliver the wind turbine components on time and under budget.

The Opening Drill is an effective tool designed to enlarge existing holes while eliminating the need for multiple boring passes. Adjustable cartridges cover a wide range of diameters from 2" - 5.620" (50.8 mm - 142.8 mm), reducing inventory cost. The drill can maintain high penetration rates on low horsepower lathes and mills and can also be used in rough boring operations. Appropriately named, the drill opens an existing hole in a single operation, removing large amounts of material while ignoring core shifts up to 1/8" (3.175 mm).

The Opening Drill's multi-insert design removes mass amounts of material while producing reduced chip size. Optimal chip formation, coupled with the drill's coolant-through capabilities, improves evacuation of material. The indexable inserts are offered in AM300 and AM200 coatings as well as high rake and general purpose geometries.

The Opening Drill is recommended for machining steels, aluminum, cast irons and high-temp alloys like chromoloy. It is available with integral shanks for increased rigidity in large diameter drilling applications commonly used in machining oil, gas and renewable energy components.

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