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Robotic Torches with Modular Design

"Tweco, an ESAB brand, offers the RT series of robotic MIG torches that features a massive brass outer tube that provides reliable tool center point (TCP). As a result, they can withstand a collision and still maintain TCP, as well as eliminate TCP drift due to repeated heating and cooling cycles," said a company spokesperson

"With RT torches, the weld bead stays exactly where you want it-in the center of the joint-without the need to compensate with weaves or slower travel speeds," said Alexander Fischer, Global Robotic Product Manager, ESAB.

Tweco RT torches for standard robotic welding applications are available for ABB, FANUC, KUKA, Motoman/Yaskawa and other robotic systems in the following packages:

  • Standard wrist with external cable
  • Helix hollow wrist (±270° rotation)
  • Infiniturn hollow wrist with endless rotation
  • Gas- and water-cooled models
  • Multiple conductor tube angles: 180°, 22°, 22L°, 45° and 45L°
  • Push-Pull torch with easy wire feeder synchronization.

Designed for all robot types and models, the torch contains a built-in blow out port for cooling and/or cleaning of the conductor tube, long-life consumables, torch body and spare parts and quick-change torch system. Tweco RT torches feature a modular design. They use the same conductor tube for standard and hollow wrist robots, plus air- and water-cooled torches of the same torch model use the same cable assembly and spare parts, reducing inventory. RT Torches enable simple installation and exchange of the cable assembly, and all components remain aligned during changeover to maintain a constant TCP.

For use in conjunction with robotic torches, the Tweco BRG-2 Torch Cleaning Station removes spatter with a rotating reamer and sprays anti-spatter fluid in an enclosed chamber, eliminating the shielding gas inconsistencies that can promote weld flaws. It also promotes consistent arc starts and reduces spatter by cutting the wire end to a defined length.

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