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45 Degrees Pyramid Workholding Solution Bundles with Standard Vises

Kurt has developed a pre-engineered pyramid platform that is standard and accommodates 12 different vise models. These configurations come bundled with the 45° pyramid along with three Kurt vises ready for mounting to the machine table and handle parts from 2" up to 7".

Kurt Pyramid workholding bundles facilitate clamping of three individual components in one fixture and completed in a single set-up. The Kurt 45° design mounting surface is positioned so each vise provides maximum access to all machined surfaces and allows for enhanced spindle and cutting tool clearance.

With the wide variety of Kurt 5-axis vises, the machinist has a selection from self-centering and dovetail designs including soft jaws for machining odd shaped profiles into the jaws, hard jaws and a riser base model for even more part clearance. Kurt vises that are designed to fit the Kurt Pyramid include models HP420, HP420C, HP420D, HP440, HP440C, HP440D, HP460, HP460C, HP460D, SCMX250, SCMX425 and DTR20. Each bundle package comes complete with a 45° pyramid, three vises mounted and an optional base plate for final mounting on machine table.

The Pyramid platform is constructed of 7075 anodized aluminum and has a 12" diameter base to fit a wide variety of 5-axis CNC machines. The Pyramid comes pre-drilled for easy mounting to most machine tables, pallets or a wide variety of sub plates.

Kurt Manufacturing can provide additional set-up options such as quick-change pallet systems, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation, robotic machine tending for automation, in-process gauging and inspection.

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