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Solid Carbide and MM Barrel and Lens Profiles-Finishing

ISCAR is expanding the application range of its solid carbide end mill and MULTI-MASTER lines by adding the 5-axis profile milling line designed to reduce cycle time for semi-finish and finishing applications.

"These new profiling tools constitute a new cutting tool class (a hybrid) that incorporate very large, truncated, radii in the cutting zone of the tool," said a company spokesperson. "This results in a reduction in the number of cuts/passes that are needed for a given operation, thus reducing processing time and creating machined surfaces that are much smoother vs traditional ball nose end mills used under similar cutting conditions. This new tool class is suitable for machining a wide range of materials, including exotic materials such as titanium, Inconel and stainless steel."

Aerospace and power generation components (blisks, impeller blades and turbine blades), medical industry components (implants, prosthetics and orthopedics) and die & moldmaking components (mold base, core and cavity milling) are some examples of products that can be created with these new 5-axis profiling tools. "When coupled with modern CAM systems capable of recognizing hybrid cutting tool profiles-Mastercam and hyperMILL for example-and machine tools capable of 5-axis motion, these new end mills have the potential of reducing cycle time for semi-finish and finishing applications by up to 50% and greater."

There are four different designs:

  • MULTI-MASTER types: EOB-Oval and ELB-Lens
  • Solid Carbide types: EOB-Oval and ETB-Taper

Tool diameters range between .312" - .500" or 8 mm - 16 mm.

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