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Heavy Industrial Welding Systems

The Aristo 500ix ready-to-weld package includes the Robust Feed wire feeder organized on a cart for improved mobility, as well as all cables, hoses and connections.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products offers the Aristo 500ix and Warrior 750i multi-process welding systems. The Aristo 500ix (500A output at 60% duty cycle) provides the arc performance needed for pulsing applications. The Warrior 750i offers a 750A output at 100% duty cycle for greater productivity with larger diameter electrodes, notably for arc gouging with carbons up to 1/2" diameter. Featuring heavy-duty cases and crane-rated lifting points, these systems are designed for heavy industrial applications, such as those found in shipyards, offshore fabrication, construction and mining.

The Aristo 500ix can be paired with the Robust Feed U6 portable feeder to create an operator-friendly system for enhanced MIG welding. The Robust Feed U6 panel offers pre-programmed synergic lines for MIG welding with aluminum, steel and stainless wires, customizable synergic lines and QSet (sMIG).

The Aristo 500ix is part of a ready-to-weld package that includes the Robust Feed U6 and water cooler on a cart that provides mobility, protection, lifting points and over-sized cable and gun holders for better organization. The Aristo 500ix uses an "air tunnel" design to isolate critical components and an easy-to-open side panel for field maintenance. It uses 380V - 575V 3ph primary power, and its wide operating range tolerates voltage fluctuations.

The Warrior 750i is designed for harsh environments and high-output industrial applications, such as carbon arc gouging, hardfacing, cladding and mechanized applications. "With a 750A output at 100% duty cycle and a 820A output at 60% duty cycle, Warrior 750i offers up to 100A more power than competitive systems," said a company spokesperson. It uses 380V - 575V 3ph primary power.

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