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Precision Load Limiter Helps Reduce Belt-Driven Spindle Failures

Setco's TensionSet is a load limiting device designed to ensure proper belt tensioning on motor drives, protecting shaft bearings and other components from premature failure. The patented and easy-to-install product rotates like a nut to generate pull-force on a threaded rod. The pull-force increases the distance between the pulleys on the motor drive and creates belt tension. When pull-force exceeds the load setting during tightening, TensionSet disengages internally to prevent over tensioning. Positive reverse drive causes the TensionSet to rotate in the reverse direction, removing tensioning load.

TensionSet is load sensitive and is resistant to changes in threaded rod condition that would otherwise alter the relationship between tightening torque and pull force. It helps increase belt life, leading to less down time for machine maintenance, and is retrofittable to many spindle brands.

According to Brian Schloemer, VP of Technology, "Proper belt tensioning is often overlooked. Over tensioning creates excessive force on shaft bearings and other critical components and can cause motors and spindles to fail. TensionSet is a relatively simple solution and is designed to reduce belt failure and help our customers keep their belt driven spindles up and running."

Four models are available with nominal load capacities ranging from 50 lbs. to 575 lbs. Various thread sizes and custom load settings are available upon request.

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