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High Efficiency, Speed and Precision, Redesigned

"The Muratec MW120-II Turning Center is a machine that has redefined the twin-spindle lathe market for its speed, accuracy, rigidity and productivity," said a Murata Machinery spokesperson.

"The MW120-II turning center features a high-speed, lightweight gantry loader, with rapid traverse speeds up to 1.8 times faster than conventional models without sacrificing payload capacity," continued the spokesperson. "Coupled with faster shutter speeds and quicker chuck open/close times, we reduced the part load/unload cycle by 1.5 seconds."

Cycle Time Reduction Options-such as lower spindle acceleration/deceleration times, quicker chuck clamp/unclamp, faster confirmation of turret indexing times, etc.- have been added to minimize non-cutting times. "Combined, we can typically save 3-5 seconds off your current cycle times," said the spokesperson.

"The MW120-II is a compact unit making it a great space-saver on shop floors," continued the spokesperson. "Like all Muratec machines, the automation is built in from the start, offering great flexibility and the opportunity to further automate turning process with peripheral equipment, or even tie in multiple machines for a seamless productive cell."

For more information contact:

Murata Machinery USA Inc.

P.O. Box 667609

2120 Queen City Drive

Charlotte, NC 28266


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