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App Provides Live Information on Production Processes

The Bystronic ByCockpit provides real-time information on sheet metal production processes. ByCockpit visualizes selected key indicators regarding machine performance and manufacturing efficiency.

"During the development of the ByCockpit, Bystronic's IT specialists worked with a number of sheet metal processing companies," said a company spokesperson. "Their number one question was: How do users retrieve information from their machines in order to analyze and improve their production processes?'"

"For many sheet metal processing companies, the process of retrieving data from their machine systems and subsequently translating it into usable information is very tedious," continued the spokesperson. "They must deal with price pressure, short delivery deadlines and increasing quality demands. This means that sheet metal processing companies nowadays are forced to respond quickly and must constantly improve their production. ByCockpit helps reveal deficiencies in the production processes."

The ByCockpit runs on virtually all mobile devices-laptops, smartphones or tablet computers. Just like any other app, the ByCockpit is simply installed on the designated devices.

When the ByCockpit is launched, a selection of approximately 30 widgets are available. Users can switch between pre-defined overviews and the favorites view. In the favorites mode, users can individually configure their ByCockpit. Using the drag and drop principle, they select the widgets that provide the required overview of their individual machine systems.

One of ByCockpit's numerous widgets is the Sunburst view. It is a circle diagram that displays the condition of the entire production at a glance. Green bars denote machines that are currently in operation. Red bars show machines that are idle. Blue bars combine all the systems that are connected to form an assembly line.

With a click, users can switch to the overview for the laser cutting process step. Here, the status widget displays the output (kilowatts) with which the laser is cutting, the total operating hours of the system and whether the next service should be scheduled.

Another widget in the laser cutting overview displays Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which is determined by such factors as machine availability, parts output and the quality of the cut parts. In addition, the OEE widget allows a direct comparison to be drawn to previous production cycles.

The next click leads to the overview of bending jobs. Here, the performance widget provides information about the number of bent parts produced, the time required to produce them and the number of tool changes. This overview allows the bending set-up times to be optimized.

The parts performance widget determines the development of the bending time for parts over time. A diagram provides a daily overview and thus reveals deviations in the production processes. It also enables a comparison to be made between manual and automated bending.

The widgets in the storage overview provide detailed information about the materials in stock-which raw materials are in the warehouse and in what quantities. The overview lists all of the material with weight and purchase value. In addition, it enables direct comparisons to the inventory at earlier points in time.

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