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Manufacturing Software Gets Barcoding Overhaul

Standard Time, a work order tracking tool, has new barcode tracking capabilities. "For 20 years, Standard Time has provided robust work order tracking, but 2019 brings new barcode scanning options and new project management," said a company spokesperson.

Start by scanning an employee name, then a work order and finally a task. A timer starts, which collects status and hours for every job on the shop floor. View it on a big screen to keep everyone on the same page. "That is a pretty good basis for work order tracking. But there is much more in 2019," said a company spokesperson

"Consider the addition of barcode scans for quantity, quality, speed, pass/fail and other shop floor actuals," continued the spokesperson. "Those metrics are the raw materials for manufacturing KPIs such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Never before has this data been available in entry-level software. It is now out of the exclusive domain of high-end ERP/MRPs and in the hands of every manufacturer, jobber and fabricator."

"Although, many consider Standard Time a suitable MRP in its own right," continued the spokesperson. "Why? Because barcode work order tracking is not all it does. Also new in 2019 are project management and planning tools like the improved Gantt chart, link relationships, updated Resource Allocation views, new dashboards and calendars, and the ability to perform what-if scenarios on jobs and labor."

For companies with assembly lines, Standard Time features a new Resource Allocation graph. Users can see jobs slotted for production, over and under-utilization and manpower requirements into the futur, and simply drag and drop work orders to adjust production.

"Drag entire jobs in the Gantt chart, then watch the Resource Allocation chart update immediately. Within a few minutes you have rearranged production schedules for optimal manpower and profitability. Standard Time is simple to use," said the spokesperson.

"Of course, work orders involve more than just employee time," continued the spokesperson. "What about inventory and BOMs? These can be scanned in Standard Time too. Now you are collecting time, materials and valuable KPIs with simple off-the-shelf barcode scanners. Your spreadsheets now have a whole new source of information."

The spokesperson continued, "The first thing you will likely do after installing Standard Time is tweak your production sequences, or maybe update your spreadsheets. Actuals from the shop floor can change your thinking. They confirm suspicions. They suggest alternatives. They enlighten. Shop floor data is the basis for iterative improvement that leads to trimming costs and keeping people employed and happy.

"Standard Time is made in America, and supported in America. This simple barcode tracker may open your thinking to a whole new way of manufacturing production."

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