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Performance Vertical Machining Center Added to Product Line-Up

Milltronics USA has introduced the new VM8434XP to its performance vertical machining center (VMC) product line-up. The Milltronics XP Series CNC machines are #50 taper VMCs designed for applications that need extra cutting power. The VM8434XP is built with linear cross roller guides for rigidity, direct-coupled ball screws for faster response and a dual-wound spindle motor for faster acceleration/deceleration and more torque. With 35 HP for maximum metal removal, the VM8434XP also includes a heavy-duty belt driven, 8,000 RPM spindle that generates 365 ft-lbs. of torque with a maximum cutting feedrate of 500 IPM.

Features such as a coolant ring and washdown system, lift-up chip conveyor, and height adjustment on the control are standard on XP Series machines. The VM8434XP is now the largest Milltronics XP Series machine with 84" x 34" x 30" travels and an 86" x 34" table.

Milltronics XP Series machines are equipped with the 9000 Series control that includes 120 GB disk storage, 4 GB memory, improved graphic performance, mid-travel tactile keys and a 15" LCD touchscreen. The 9000 control allows operators to run parts programmed conversationally or by toolpaths generated by a CAM system.

The 9000 Series control also supports the optional ChipBoss feature that uses proprietary algorithms to calculate toolpaths and control maximum allowable cutter engagement. ChipBoss allows to use the whole length of a tool rather than just the tip, which means profiles can be cut at full depth rather than taking multiple depth passes. "This new optional software works by automatically controlling the tool's chip load, keeping it constant and creating the optimal chip, which results in faster cycle times, better tool life and more accurate parts. Cycle times (depending on geometry) can be reduced by as much as 50% with up to 3-5 times better tool life," said a company spokesperson.

VM8434XP specifications:

  • Table load: 5,000 lbs.
  • XYZ rapids: 709 / 530 IPM

 Spindle taper: #50 taper (CAT, BT, DIN)

  • Spindle RPM: 8,000
  • Spindle HP: 35
  • Spindle torque: 365 ft-lbs.
  • ATC stations: 32
  • Machine weight: 37,260 lbs.

For more information contact:

Bill Bender

Milltronics USA, Inc.

1400 Mill Lane

Waconia, MN 55387


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