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European Built Swing Lathes with Solid Bed and TRI-V Ways

Toolmex European built lathes, sold in the USA for over 40 years, has announced new improved features in the mid-size TUR lathe line. The TUR series offers four basic models: TUR800SMN (31.5" swing), TUR930SMN (37"), TUR1100SMN (43") and the TUR1200SMN (47"). Now all feature the heavy, solid floor to front V-way bed and greater choices including four turning diameters (31"-47" over bed), nine lengths between centers (78"-550" bc), two maximum load capacities (9,000 or 16,000 lbs. bc) and six spindle bores (5"-17").

"The improved solid bed design still includes TRI-V ways, a superior design considered the best in class for flat bed lathes for Z axis (longitudinal) movements," said a Toolmex spokesperson. "The new solid bed increases rigidity for improved performance. Improved TUR-SMN ergonomics due to bed design and guarding improvements give the operator better access when loading, measuring, tool set-up and unloading parts. TUR-SMN TRI-V beds have two full matched, massive V-ways, front and rear supporting the saddle. Other flat-bed lathes commonly have only one front V and a rear flat way. Additionally, most beds sit on legs as compared to TUR-SMN with solid support (from floor to bedways)."

TUR-SMN improvements and benefits on all TUR-SMN Solid bed with TRI-V ways:

  • Heavy full-length low-profile bed supports the lathe to the foundation; 37" x 157" bc weighs ~ 31,000 lbs.
  • Increased rigidity and heavier load capacity option
  • Improved operator access to work and tooling: faster set-ups, measurements, easier loading and unloading
  • An optional TUR-4SMN series offers the solid plus the 4-way/3 shear bed version for "turn through steadies" machining
  • Increased support of carriage with 4-way surfaces (compared to the standard 3) and self honing due to matched V-ways
  • Eliminates fish tailing in +/- Z traverse (tighter tolerances when boring and turning).
  • TUR-SMN beds are built extra wide: 24.5" (2-way bed) and 41.3" (4-way/3 shear bed)
  • TUR-SMN matched front and rear V-ways are massive, increasing contact, stability and performance.

Toolmex European TUR-MN/CNC lathes offer a wide range of solutions for demanding industry applications including: power generation, transportation, machinery manufacturing, printing press, oil and gas, foundry, agriculture, steel and mining.

TUR European lathes recently celebrated its 40th year in the USA, and today offer more sizes and versions than ever, from the smallest: 22" x 40" bc, to the largest 157" x 992" bc. Options include: 20-500 HP, FANUC or Siemens 1.5-4 axes CNC, 2- to 6-way beds, 4"-25" spindle bores, load capacity to +100 tons bc and cutting torque to 300,000 Nm.

Toolmex Lathe Group, located in Schaumburg, IL, typically stocks a range of TUR-MN-CNC-SC flat-bed lathes and can provide immediate delivery on the TUR930SMNx4M, 37" x 157" bc with FANUC control and 5.5" bore

For more information contact:

Tom Kob

Toolmex Lathes

2015 S. Mitchell Blvd.

Schaumburg, IL 60193-4543

Direct: 508-647-3310


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