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Solutions to Maintain Machines and Systems Remotely

Virtual assistance using smart glasses speeds up fault finding and maintenance work.

Due to smart glasses, the user has his hands free and can carry out instructions given by the help desk staff directly.

Connected to the help desk staff by video and audio stream, users and technicians have the same field of view in real time.

Sawing and storage technology provider KASTO offers a solution for maintaining its machines and systems remotely. By means of a tablet, smartphone or smart glasses, users can send live videos to KASTO's service experts and receive visual assistance and information in real time in the event of a fault or maintenance work. Downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.

"KASTO has long been fitting sawing machines and storage systems with a remote maintenance facility. As an option, service engineers can connect to the systems online to rectify faults or optimize processes," said a company spokesperson. "A time-consuming site visit is therefore no longer necessary in many cases. KASTO is once again significantly expanding its service spectrum with VisualAssistance." The heart of the system is an interactive app for tablets, smartphones or smart glasses. Customers can use it to connect to service staff using video and audio streams. Users and engineers share the same field of view in real time. This simplifies mutual understanding and helps to quickly identify individual system components and possible faults.

The app also enables KASTO representatives to provide visual assistance and to superimpose markings, for example, on the live video. The customer receives all necessary information directly on his or her display by means of augmented reality while carrying out maintenance or repair work on the saw or storage system on site. If using smart glasses, the users' hands are also free, which additionally makes the job easier. KASTO service engineers have a virtual presence on site and guide staff accordingly.

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