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Mobile Technology Solution Replaces Manual Inventory Processes

AIM Computer Solutions, a provider of enterprise ERP technology solutions and business process improvement consulting to discrete and repetitive manufacturers, has announced the results of the implementation of its AIM Mobility Physical Inventory app at Hidaka USA.

Hidaka was facing a challenge familiar to manufacturers: its physical inventory process was time-consuming, contributed to unproductive downtime and was prone to errors because it relied on the accuracy of manual data entry.

After conducting due diligence of available inventory management solutions, Hidaka chose the AIM Mobility Physical Inventory app, which integrates with its AIM Vision ERP solution. The benefits were apparent after the implementation of the app:

  • Labor to conduct inventory dropped in half, from 320 to 160 hours.
  • Scanned serialized barcodes on products prevented typing errors and gave real-time feedback on retired or discontinued products.
  • Mobile tablets feature an intuitive interface, which reduces the need for user training.

"We now have an accurate inventory process that informs our production and scheduling needs," said Diane Rosso, Director of Administrations at Hidaka USA. "The audit record gives us timely and actionable insights."

"Hidaka USA has proven why leveraging the appropriate enterprise technology solution can be a boon to manufacturers seeking to operate efficiently and achieve a rapid ROI," stated AIM's Director of Implementation Services Jeff Sawka. "In order to compete in today's fast-moving economy, companies need access to accurate information and immediate visibility into the entire enterprise. AIM enables our clients to thrive in this competitive and challenging environment."

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