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Real-Time CNC Machine Monitoring and Notifications via Smartphone

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. recently released its Integrated Machine Analytics (IMA) mobile app, which allows users to monitor their CNC machines through MTConnect, an open standard that allows universal connectivity. The app is optimized for CNC machines equipped with Mitsubishi Electric controls, but will work for any MTConnect compliant CNC.

The IMA mobile app offers real-time monitoring of a machine, and will notify the user when changes are detected. If users have multiple CNC machines in their facility with an MTConnect-compliant adapter, they can all be monitored through the app simultaneously. This allows users to ensure projects are staying on schedule and eliminate potential issues before they become significant. The instant notifications make it possible for shops running or considering lights-out production.

With IMA Mobile, users can check the status, program and overrides of their CNCs. It sends immediate push notifications on everything from alarms and override changes to program changes and more. Users have the ability to choose what notifications to receive.

"The IMA mobile app is a way for manufacturers to take their first steps towards full IIoT integration," said Justin Kueker, Business Development Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. "They can enable push notifications to keep tabs on their machines at all times, especially for significant events like machine warnings or alarms."

Mitsubishi Electric designed IMA Mobile to be user-friendly and straightforward to set up. It requires an IMA Adapter per CNC machine, one copy of the desktop administration software per facility and each user to download the IMA Mobile app from the iOS or Android app store. The IMA Adapter is software that gets installed on a Windows PC or server that is networked to the CNC and puts machine data into MTConnect format. The IMA Mobile desktop software can be installed on the same PC or server as the adapter. It allows companies to manage monitored machines and users, and pushes the data out to the Cloud. Finally, users simply download the IMA Mobile app to their smart phone, log in and then start monitoring.

"End users such as business owners, engineering or maintenance managers, and facility or operations supervisors can use the app for machine monitoring purposes to improve their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Machine tool dealers may also use the app as another value-added offering for their customers and separate themselves from competing vendors," said a company spokesperson.

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