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High-Efficiency 5-Axis Milling Solution

GF Machining Solutions offers its Mikron MILL E 500 U, a high-efficiency 5-axis milling solution designed to excel at the efficient production of small- to medium-batches of specialized parts for the automotive, energy and power generation industries as well as general machining applications.

Built with a stiff C-frame machine base made out of cast iron, the Mikron MILL E 500 U features large linear guideways and a larger ball screw in the X and Y axes for increased rigidity. A double side-supported rotary table with enlarged swivel range of +120° to -65° supports heavy parts up to 992 lbs. to allow the manufacture of a wider range of parts and tools.

The Mikron MILL E 500 U's 20,000 RPM Step-Tec spindle is designed to handle rough milling and drilling operations. A 20% higher chip removal rate compared to the previous generation reduces manufacturing costs by 15%. For even greater levels of productivity, integrated automation allows manufacturers to lower operating costs by maximizing machining hours, while larger automation systems, such as the System 3R WorkPartner 1+, can enable lights-out unmanned operations.

"In addition to the machine's sturdy structure, the Mikron MILL E 500 U is built with high-quality components using GF Machining Solutions' established, high-quality process management as well as intensive testing throughout the machine assembly process," said a company spokesperson.

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