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Automation Vision 5-Axis VMC

Matsuura Machinery USA has introduced its MX-850 PC4, an automated version of the large capacity 5-axis vertical machining center (VMC).

"With cost reduction, pressures on all manufacturers, the need for reliable automated machining is increasing globally in both established and emerging markets," said David Hudson, Matsuura VP of Sales and Marketing.

"Matsuura maintains a proven history in reliable and innovative unmanned operation equipped for the new IoT automation and information age," Hudson added.

The MX-850 PC4 is outfitted with 90 tools and a load capacity per pallet of 500 kg. Additionally, the MX-850 PC4 has a standard installed Universal Robot Interface to maximize the automation potential.

"The MX-850 brings raw cutting power and Matsuura 5-axis high speed finesse to within reach of every company. From aluminum to hard to cut materials, the MX-850 manages sizable and multifaceted machining tasks," Hudson said.

Developed in response to market demand for a large capacity, high quality, yet cost-effective single table Matsuura 5-axis machining platform, the MX-850 is compactly built, yet offers high rigidity and a sufficient machining area and workability.

The MX-850 is equipped with Matsuura's operating system designed for optimizing performance, automation and spindle utilization. The operating system permits direct, instinctive control as well as MIMS (Matsuura Intelligent Meister System) and Matsuura's proprietary Intelligent Protection System for the prevention of collisions.

"At Matsuura, we have developed machining centers with large pallet pools to achieve lights-out manufacturing with size ranges never before available in the Matsuura family of 5-axis machining centers," Hudson said.

"Our machines can run longer utilizing pallet pools and high-capacity tool changers. Matsuura's automated pallet pool machining solutions achieve more production, offering higher levels of spindle optimization and machine utilization," Hudson concluded.

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