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Mobile Robot for Targeted Hardening of Metal Surfaces

"The AL-Rock from Alpha Laser-US is the first mobile robot for targeted hardening of metal surfaces designed for use at a set work station or deployed on-site to a customer. With the self-driving caterpillar track, you can move the laser directly to where the work needs to be done," said an Alpha Laser-US spokesperson.

"There is no need to remove the components to be hardened and reworking cost is significantly reduced," added the spokesperson. "All that is needed is the laser beam's free access to the processing location."

The laser beam precisely follows the workpiece contour in free 3-D movements. This allows weld edges, grain structures, nubs or individual points to be hardened easily.

Temperature-dependent control of the laser power brings the heat to the desired location to achieve the exact degree of hardening needed.

The AL-Rock can also be utilized for laser cladding-a process used for bonding one material to the surface of another. "It differs significantly from other cladding techniques such as plasma coating, thermal spray or arc welding. Laser cladding offers better wear resistance, more design flexibility, little to no distortion, greater impact resistance and less product complexity," said the spokesperson.

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