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Multipurpose CNC Machining Center with Automatic Tool Changer

The EM69ATC CNC machining center by Rottler is versatile for machining engine blocks and making custom parts with a 24-tool automatic tool changer. "Rottler's next generation 4C software provides enhanced speed of learning and ease of use when probing/digitizing without the need of additional cumbersome and expensive software," said a company spokesperson.

"The Rottler CNC software is a world leader in 'on machine' digitizing and programming - no other machine or computer required," said the spokesperson. "To create a 3-D model of a cylinder head port and chamber, simply place the Renishaw probe in both ends of the port and press GO. The Rottler CNC software will automatically digitize the ports and chambers and be ready to machine the same shape in a new casting. No programming is required." At the same time, the operator can change the design and shape of the ports on the machine and cut a new design in minutes. This software also allows outside surfaces to be digitized and machined.

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