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New Line of Turbine End Mills

Emuge Corp. has introduced an advanced line of end mills featuring unique geometry designed specifically for the high performance machining of turbine and bladed components. New Emuge turbine end mills are designed to offer enhanced cycle time reductions and long tool life in challenging forms and materials, including titanium, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys and more.

"Complex shapes including wide sweeping radii and deep pocketed cavities present ample challenges for aerospace and turbine manufacturers. We are very pleased to offer our customers a solution to meet the unique requirements for milling turbine parts, as well as for the die and mold industry," said Dan Doiron, Milling Product Manager, Emuge Corp. Mold applications include machining tire molds and plastic injection molds, among others.

Suitable for machining components with challenging geometries, new Emuge turbine end mills have a stable design including on the tools featuring a tapered flute construction. The end mills feature PVD-applied, highly hard and heat-resistant coatings and a newly developed geometry that enables aluminum machining.

The Emuge turbine end mills line includes a wide range of taper ball tools that feature a sub-micro grain carbide substrate and an HA cylindrical shank. The 3°, 4°, 6° and 8° taper ball tools have two and three flute designs, and the 17.5° has three flutes. Polished flutes in the 3°, 4°, 6° and 8° tools promote chip evacuation in aluminum alloys. Coating options for the taper ball tools include ALCR for additional tool life in titanium alloys, high temperature alloys, stainless steel and aluminum alloys, and TIALN for heat and abrasion resistance in a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, steel alloys, cast iron and other ferrous metals.

Taper Torus end mills include 3°, 4°, 6° and 8° sizes featuring two highly polished flutes, sub-micro grain carbide and have a torus "cupped" radius end design for maximum step over lengths. ALCR coating is standard, and TIALN coatings are available.

A long 8° Taper Torus style also features a torus "cupped" radius. The cutting flutes are tapered for increased efficiency in a range of designs from five to 15 flutes. The long taper torus tools are TIALN coated for increased tool life and include axial coolant through capability.

The Emuge turbine end mills line includes a Torus long-length tool style that features variable flute spacing for low vibration milling. The tools are available in designs ranging from five to nine flutes and have a corner radii of 1.0 mm or 2.0 mm. Torus long length end mills are TIALN coated for maximum tool life and include coolant through capability.

For more information contact:

Dan Doiron

Milling Product Manager

Emuge Corporation

1800 Century Drive

West Boylston, MA 01583-2121


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