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Multi-Axis, Twin Spindle VMC

"CNC Systems/FFG is providing a cost and space saving solution for the moldmaking market with the FFG~DMC DVD5200. This is a multi-axis, twin spindle vertical machining center (VMC) with superior merits," said a company spokesperson.

The FFG/Feeler DVD5200 is especially suited to the moldmaking market because of the design:

  • Z1-axis and Z2-axis are both traveled by their own independent servo motors. Because of this independent structure, it allows for individual tool offsets.
  • A "micro-adjustment" for a U-axis of +/- 2 mm (+/- 0.0787") enables the reduction of jig fixture setting time.
  • "Cost reduction and higher productivity are realized with the 2-head and 2-ATC compared to two 3-axis VMCs: estimated reduced cost 25% of total investment, one operator instead of two operators, at least two times better productivity (in the equivalent conditions), up to 40% space saving (aspect of footprint)," said the spokesperson.

Standard features include: FANUC Oi-MF/Direct 12,000 RPM spindle; BIG-PLUS CAT #40 Taper; 25 HP; two main spindles; two 30-tool station automatic tool changers; spindle oil chiller; coolant through spindle prep; internal auger; and a chip conveyor.

With axis travels of 40.94" x 20.47" x 23.62" XYZ and an open height in Z-axis from 5.91" to 29.52", a variety of sizes are able to fit into the work envelope. Table size is 47.24" x 20.47" (load capacity of 1,760 lbs.)

The FFG~DMC DVD series will also have additional models and features, including DVD4300, DVD5200L (longer Y-axis option) and DVD5200P (automatic pallet changer model).

CNC Systems has been a machine tool importer and a distributor for over 30 years and provides parts, service, applications, support, demonstrations and site visits to work with customers on their most difficult machining requirements.

FFG's machine tool group consists of 37 machine tool manufacturers globally, with companies such as SNK, Jobs, SMS, Hessapp, MAG and Pfiffner.

FFG Feeler has been making machine tools since 1984, including horizontal boring mills, VMCs with trunnion 5-axis, horizontal machining centers and a line of 5-axis milling and mill-turn lathes.

FFG DMC is one of the oldest Korean machine tool builders and for many years has been an OEM for some of the largest Korean machine tool builders. Expertise includes machines from small gang-style lathes to the large multi-axis (Y-axis) oil-country lathes with large spindle bores.

CNC Systems has a direct sales office and showroom with service and technical support in New England as well as a second office in Tustin, CA, that take care of all the project management, logistics and parts with factory engineers and engineering support teams.

For more information contact:

Steve Arcari, President

Office: 207-985-6503

Cell: 860-575-5269

Brian Arcari, Vice President

Office: 714-838-3999 x777

Cell: 508-944-5099

David M. Valentine

National Sales Manager

Office: 817-715-4746

Cell: 949-599-5833

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