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Connect and Collect Shop Floor CNC Data in Real Time

Excellerant, a division of MACDAC Engineering, will be showing a feature product in its drive towards seamless factory connectivity. Excellerant provides small to large manufacturers the ability to connect every CNC machine tool controller, no matter the brand, allowing a firm to monitor and manage each machine's data in real time and send that data to the company's MES and/or ERP systems.

"This product is just one part of the company's exhibit at EASTEC," said John Carpenter, President of Excellerant. "With third party partners, the exhibit will display how even small shops can partake in the features and benefits of closed-loop automation and Industry 4.0 in an economical way." Excellerant will have Catia CAD software, Mastercam CAD/CAM software featuring its Blade Expert dedicated toolpath package for turbine blade production, a CNC machine that will be monitored with a tablet interface, and a gauging device with inspection software.

"Excellerant is the fundamental machine tool decoder link to simplify data driven manufacturing at the shop floor level," said a company spokesperson. "It builds on MTConnect, FANUC Focas, OPC-UA, Haas MNET Q-Codes and other machine control connecting protocols, even legacy CNC machines. This allows companies to link across systems while substantially expanding and customizing the information they receive. Although some control systems offer the ability to link to their same brand, manufacturing companies typically have a variety of different control systems and a combination of older and newer machines, thus requiring a more universal solution. Excellerant is that solution, allowing manufacturing firms to keep all of their current systems, including upstream programs such as ERP and MES."

"Recognizing that systems are only effective when people are inclined to use them, Excellerant is designed for ease of use across work groups and operational levels. This is achieved through a simple and elegant graphical user interface, clear and logical functionality and an array of output types. Machine operators can communicate problems, request assistance and report progress at the touch of a button. Supervisors and managers can assess cycle time, downtime and process status by job, machine type, operator and other useful dimensions. Executives now can run reports in real time, with continuous and immediate feeds from machine controllers through to the ERP level. This allows for timely assessments of progress, capacity and bottlenecks that fuels more accurate forecasts and dynamic scheduling," said the spokesperson.

The Excellerant package is currently available and consists of a software license and hardware designed for ease of use which connects to each machine controller.

For more information contact:

Excellerant MDC

27 Quality Avenue

Somers, CT 06071


EASTEC booth 5233

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