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Metrology Solutions and Band Saw Blades

The L.S. Starrett Co. will demonstrate at EASTEC its latest solutions ranging from vision technology and optical measuring systems, to force testing equipment, surface measurement, hardness testing, new electronic digital measuring tools and wireless data collection to support manufacturing's transition to Industry 4.0. In addition to the Starrett metrology booth (3011), the company's saw booth (5045) will display its bandsaw line.

Starrett Metrology Booth

Starrett's video based measurement system solutions at EASTEC will feature the company's new HVR100 "FLIP" Digital Video System. "The HVR100 is the industry's first vision system to work upright vertically, or on its side horizontally-a unique function for application versatility," said a company spokesperson. The HVR100 provides rapid measurement results and features a large field-of-view (FOV), automatic part recognition and easy-to-use measuring tools.

In addition, Starrett will demonstrate its AVR300 automatic vision system, suitable for repetitive measurements and automatic comparison to CAD files, featuring both zoom optics and interchangeable telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution and accurate FOV measurements.

A compact, economical bench-top Optical Comparator, model no. HE400 with a 16" screen, in addition to the HDV500 horizontal digital video comparator, will also be showcased in the Starrett booth. "The HDV500 system combines vision and optical comparator technology, optimizing the best features of both technologies, with a uniquely designed interchangeable lens mounting system, go/no-go digital overlay capability directly from part CAD files, real-time video edge detection and more," said the spokesperson.

The KineMic KMR-FOV-M3 Video Microscope, suitable wherever easy set-up and a range of magnifications are required, will be demonstrated. The video microscope includes a color digital video camera, fixed magnification telecentric lens, 21.5" all-in-one-touchscreen PC, MetLogix M3 software with Digital Comparator (DC) feature, LED backlight and ringlight.

Other metrology emphasis at the Starrett booth will include force testing systems, highlighting the company's entry-level L1 computer-based force testing products. Optimized for production and quality control testing, the systems are easy to set up, operate and maintain for performing a wide range of testing from load, limit and break testing to cyclic count testing and more.

Starrett will also display a broad range of precision measuring tools, featuring new electronic digital micrometers, indicators, height gauges and new Bluetooth-enabled bore gauges for wireless data acquisition via data collection devices and systems such as Starrett DataSure. Wireless acquisition that will play a key role in supporting data-intensive Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Starrett Saw Booth

Starrett will showcase its latest band saw blade solutions, including Versatix MP bi-metal band saw blades.

Starrett Versatix MP bi-metal band saw blades feature triple-tempered, high-speed M-42 cobalt steel teeth with an alloy steel backing strip. The blade has a patented tooth design that dissipates stress during cutting for less tooth breakage and longer blade life. Its special set minimizes pinching when cutting structurals and bundles.

Versatix MP band saw blades include Starrett technology called bi-metal unique. Starrett bi-metal unique joins two strips of high-speed steel wires to the backing steel using Solid-State Diffusion Bonding. Instead of a single wire welded to the outside of a steel backer, this process bonds two strips of high-speed steel to each side of the top edge of the steel backer using intense heat and pressure. "The bonding area between the backer and the high-speed steel is increased 170% over the conventional electron beam or laser welding. This new process creates a stronger, longer lasting blade," said the spokesperson.

The Starrett team of experts can help customers select the right saw blade, set up band saw machines and help customers maximize their sawing operation. Starrett offers a wide range of band saw blades, including Bi-Metal for cutting a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and Carbide Tipped, which are designed for cutting extremely hard, abrasive materials. According to Starrett, band saw blades coated with Carbide Grit and Diamond Grit cut abrasive materials with precision, producing an excellent finish. A complete line of carbon blades is also available for horizontal and vertical machines with manual or gravity feed.

For more information contact:

The L. S. Starrett Company

121 Crescent St.

Athol, MA 01331

888-674-7443 / 978-249-3551

EASTEC 2019 Booths 3011 & 5045

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