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Lean Mass Production for Small Workpieces

Murata Machinery offers the MW35. "This automated, high-speed turning machine delivers parts in three seconds or less," said a company spokesperson. In addition to its fast speeds, the MW35 is designed with two spindles, allowing it to perform simultaneous operations from a single, self-contained source.

The machine's low height allows for clear shop floor visibility. With the combined operations of simultaneous X1 and X2 axes and a built-in, high speed swing-type loader, the machine offers fast overall part-to-part cycle time.

Along with its built-in workpiece ejector, the spindle on the MW35 has a maximum speed of 6,000 RPM, resulting in faster acceleration and deceleration control.

The MW35 comes equipped with a gang-type tool plate, as well as an optional sub-tool rest for a forming tool (X2 axis).

"Though originally intended for screw machine blanks and fasteners, the MW35's turning capabilities are seemingly limitless," said the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

Murata Machinery USA Inc.

P.O. Box 667609

2120 Queen City Drive

Charlotte, NC 28266


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