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New Smart Cabinet Solutions

ZOLLER Inc. has introduced new additions to the Smart Cabinets product line. The ZOLLER »toolStation« and »toolTower« are the latest from ZOLLER in a series of connected manufacturing storage solutions. The »toolStation« is designed to provide a well-lit, ergonomic, comfortable space to store, prepare and process all tool components, assemblies and accessories. The »toolTower« is a suitable storage solution and tool preparation workspace for centralized open spaces in a manufacturing facility.

The ZOLLER »toolStation« allows economical tool and data handling from a single source. Its comfortable illuminated space is convenient for tool assembly, and integration of a monitor on the back wall means users can access ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions directly at the workbench. Due to storage in ZOLLER »toolOrganizer« storage cabinets, users have everything they need at their fingertips.

The ZOLLER »toolTower«, meanwhile, provides a suitable place for maximum utilization of central open spaces in a facility. With 360° access to the tool tower and an optional mounted monitor, users can easily access tools, accessories, components and ZOLLER TMS Tool Management solutions software, all from a central space. This makes set-up of the tools needed even simpler and more accessible than before.

"Together, these two new storage solutions only help add to strength of the ZOLLER Smart Cabinet product line," said a company spokesperson. "Networked cabinets, controlled by ZOLLER's TMS Tool Management Solutions software, are the reality of what is necessary in manufacturing today. ZOLLER Smart Cabinets are just another way that ZOLLER helps bridge the gap for companies looking to make the most of their production process by increasing their capacity, making more and achieving more. ZOLLER Smart Cabinets are the storage solution for Industry 4.0."

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