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Waterjet Versatility Showcased

At EASTEC 2019, OMAX will feature a range of waterjet machines including the new ProtoMAX.

The ProtoMAX is designed to cut through nearly any material, including aluminum, titanium, stone, carbon fiber and G10 composite. "The compact machine footprint, combined with its comprehensive versatility, makes the ProtoMAX an ideal abrasive waterjet for prototyping, educational applications or as a complement to a larger machine shop," said a company spokesperson. The pump and cutting table are on casters for easy relocation. Work material is submerged under water for quiet cutting that will not disrupt work space. "With the clamshell cover and submerged cutting, ProtoMAX is safe and quiet (approx. 76 db)," said the spokesperson.

Though compact, the ProtoMAX delivers 30,000 PSI cutting power with a 5 HP pump. Like all OMAX abrasive waterjets, the ProtoMAX cuts with no heat-affected zone and no change to the material properties. The waterjet plugs into a 240V AC outlet and does not require any hardwiring.

Booth visitors will be able to experience OMAX's software IntelliMAX. IntelliMAX was engineered specifically for abrasive waterjets and no special machine code knowledge is required to use it. Online training for machine operation and maintenance is provided free, so customers can access training information whenever they need it and at their own pace. In addition to being easy to use, IntelliMAX software is compatible with more than 90 different file formats, including all major CAD program file types, plus graphics file formats such as jpg, gif and png files. This means almost any 2-D or 3-D part file can be imported directly into an OMAX waterjet controller and turned into a real part.

For more information contact:

OMAX Corporation

21409 72nd Ave. South

Kent, WA 98032

800-838-0343 / 253-872-2300

EASTEC 2019 Booth 1106

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