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Compact, Lightweight Drill

Magswitch Technology, provider of switchable magnetic technology, has added the MagDrill Disruptor 43 to its drill family. Disruptor 43 features the Magswitch patented ON and OFF technology and a versatile swivel base.

"The Disruptor 43 was designed to be our mid-sized magnetic drill," said Shane Felton, New Product Development Manager at Magswitch. "Our technology allows this drill to hold strong on thick, thin, flat or contoured steel. The base automatically pivots to conform to any pipe 3 in. or larger in diameter. It also features a powerful motor that can cut holes up to 1-11/16 in. diameter and up to 1-11/16 in. deep. It does all that while maintaining a strong grip on thin steel (up to 11 gauge) and weighing just under 26 lbs."

"Since the base swivels, it can be used on flat and curved surfaces without the need for expensive adapters," said Austin Elmore, Business Development Manager for Magswitch Technology. "The base magnets can be partially actuated in order to slide the drill into precise position. While one magnet is turned off, the other magnet can still hold while pivoting the tool in place for cleaning and hole inspection without removing the drill. This can be a huge time saver for the user."

Another feature of this drill is its safety factor. This means that during power failure, the drill will not fall. "With growing concerns of injuries in workplaces, all Magswitch products are designed to be fail-safe," said a company spokesperson.

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For more information contact:

For more information contact:

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