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Mini Mill-Thread Speeds Chip Evacuation

Designed for applications involving small and deep threads, Carmex's MTSB mini mill-thread is equipped with coolant bores that facilitate chip removal through the use of high-pressure coolant. Constructed of solid carbide with advanced PVD triple coating, the MTSB works at high machining parameters for increased productivity. An increased number of flutes shorten cycle times and, combined with coolant, improve tool life. Although designed specifically for deep thread milling operations, the MTSB can be used on any operation requiring better performance and high thread quality. Thread sizes range from M1.2 to M16 and 0-80 to 7/16-20UNF.

Jim White, National Sales Manager for Carmex USA, commented, "The MTSB is ideal for use in thread milling operations on horizontal machining centers or in complicated applications where external coolant cannot wash the chips away. It is also useful where the tool collet is in close proximity to the pre-hole and blocks the external coolant. It excels in high-heat resistant materials and delivers a smooth finish.

"Carmex's extensive experience in virtually all aspects of thread milling has enabled us to identify problem areas and define the correct solution. The increasing use of Swiss-style machining and applications requiring smaller tools have made our Mini Mill-Thread line extremely popular. Customers will find that the MTSB is a welcome addition for improved accuracy, longer tool life and efficient chip evacuation is required," concluded White.

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