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Kitagawa-NorthTech Appoints Regional Sales Manager

Mike Johnston

Kitagawa-NorthTech Inc. has announced Mike Johnston has joined the company as Regional Sales Manager. Johnston's sales territory for Kitagawa-NorthTech will include Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana of the Great Lakes regions of the US. He is supporting Kitagawa's offering of workholding, which includes standard power chucks, advanced chucks, automated workholding (AJPS), engineered rotational and prismatic workholding solutions, turning and grinding line of steady rests, hydraulic cylinders, grippers and rotary tables.

Johnston will also sell and represent Kitagawa-NorthTech's in-house repair, rebuild and preventative maintenance services.

Johnston said, "Kitagawa-NorthTech's machine tool accessories, such as Tri-Kote grease for lubricating power chucks and their digital grip force analyzer software and kit for measuring grip force, are unique products suitable for everyday chuck maintenance. If you do not know your grip force, you cannot optimize your machine tool to produce the maximum amount of parts safely."

Johnston will be servicing and supporting a wide range of customers for the company including: end-users, OEMs, machine tool distributors and cutting tool distributors for the Kitagawa workholding and chuck offering. With over 30 years of metalworking industry experience, Johnston has an extensive and broad background. Throughout his career in metalworking and machining, he has worked in several capacities including: CNC programming, design engineering, applications engineering, machine tool sales and accessories sales, as well as once owning a machine shop focused on machining parts for the medical industry. Most recently, Johnston was a regional sales manager for workholding manufacturer ATS Systems.

Johnston resides in Euclid, MI, and will report out of Kitagawa-NorthTech's headquarters and full-service manufacturing facility for the Americas based in Schaumburg, IL. The Kitagawa-NorthTech facility features in-house design, engineering, manufacturing and repair services for workholding.

For more information contact:

Kitagawa-NorthTech Inc.

301 E. Commerce Drive

Schaumburg, IL 60173


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