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High Production Vertical Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Taiyo Koki Grinding Machine Company offers its Super featuring a two place (PGV-2) or three place (PGV-3) automatic chuck changer. These machines allow for increases in productivity by increasing spindle run time and by reducing part grinding and loading times. The chuck change time is less than three seconds with the green part being changed outside of the machine while the grinder is running production. The ability to grind internal and external diameters and faces simultaneously provides typical cycle time savings of 50% or more. Typical increases in spindle run time average between 10%-15%.

Multiple operations are reduced to just one part chucking. Part quality is improved automatically as the part is only clamped one time-this process generates automatic concentricity between grinding operations. Manual or automatic part loading is made simple outside of the machine via the part loading/unloading station. There is fast and easy access for human or robotic loading methods without having to open or close the machine door.

A 50% reduction in floor space requirements is realized by reducing the machine count necessary to perform multiple operations by doing them all simultaneously on one machine. Floor space dimensions for the PGV-3 are 63" (1,600 mm) wide x 90" (2,300 mm) deep.

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Andy Ruzzin

National Product Sales Manager

Taiyo Koki Grinding Machines

a DMG MORI Company

Cleveland, OH


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