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SMIRT 2017 R1 Introduces Time-Saving Automation Tools

SMIRT 2017 R1, the latest release of Vero Software's viewing solution for the die-build stamping industry, introduces automation tools and improvements that pave the way for greater consistency, quality and efficiency.

Available with SMIRT 2017 R1 is an all-new application that enables users to automatically collect geometry for DieBuild tasks. Dubbed DbTemplateUtil, the application makes it easier to quickly formulate complex construction plans by reducing the time required to select geometry to be linked to tasks.

To further reduce time required by DieBuild planners to create challenging construction plans, SMIRT has defined new Process Templates for version 2017 R1. Using the DbTemplateUtil application, planners can now add geometry collection filters to new or existing Process Templates, allowing for the customization of data-collection to meet specific needs.

Depending upon the task geometry type, collection filters can be applied for solids, faces and holes. Use parameters, such as Detail Name, Color, MFA Status, Face/Hole Direction, Face/Hole Feature Names and more, can be used to define geometry to be collected when the template is loaded into a DieBuild file.

The most significant benefits to users can be realized when surfaces of the tool design are attributed with feature names that allow differentiation from other surfaces that may share the same color, direction or machining attribute.

Improvements to SMIRT DieNC

The latest version of SMIRT DieNC delivers several improvements, including new Profile Methods that allow Profile Page parameters to be saved to files and re-used for future jobs, making consistent results across organizations more achievable.

Improvements have also made to toolpath retract settings, machining time estimates and drill-path order settings, among other enhancements.

An add-on module to SMIRT DieShop, SMIRT DieNC is designed to create toolpath for planar faces, profiles and drilling holes. Drag and drop technology is used to create toolpath directly upon solid geometry with no manual entry of coordinate values.

SMIRT Licensing

SMIRT 2017 R1 now utilizes Vero Software's CLS licensing system. While similar to the Vero License Manager used in past versions of SMIRT, the CLS system offers features and functionality that ease the license retrieval and installation process through the Vero Customer Portal.

Existing Vero License Manager licenses continue to be supported in 2017 R1, but future versions will move exclusively to the new CLS system.

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