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Shark-Cut Multi-Function Cutting Tool

ARNO Werkzeuge USA's SHARK-Cut multi-purpose cutting tool platform is designed for a wide range of turning applications. SHARK-Cut allows machines shops to use just one tool for four different machining operations, including facing, drilling, boring and turning.

"By combining four operations into just one tool, the SHARK-Cut offers an immediate cost savings of 35 to 50%, eliminating the need for purchasing additional cutting tools such as drills, boring bars and inserts," said a company spokesperson. "SHARK-Cut provides machine shops even greater cost savings and flexibility by reducing tool set-up time costs and tool indexing time between operations. Moreover, it creates more room on the turret for use of other tools so machine shops can better manage and maximize the productivity of their machine tools."

The SHARK-Cut product range features inserts that are peripheral ground and precision pressed in grades and geometries suited to machining a wide variety of materials. This includes aluminum/non-ferrous, steel and high temperature alloys. Multiple coolant ports provide enhanced cutting edge emersion and chip evacuation.

SHARK-Cut diameter ranges:

  • SHARK-Cut Mini 2.25xD solid carbide .160" (4 mm) - .315" (8 mm)
  • SHARK-Cut Mini-ALU (non-ferrous materials) 2.25xD solid carbide .160" (4 mm) - .315" (8 mm)
  • SHARK-Cut 1.5xD depth of cuts .315" (8 mm) - 1-1/4" (32 mm)
  • SHARK-Cut 2.25xD depth of cuts .315" (8 mm) - 1-1/4" (32 mm)
  • SHARK-Cut 3.0xD (Densimet) depth of cuts .315" (8 mm) - 1-1/4" (32 mm).

For more information contact:

ARNO Werkzeuge USA LLC

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